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Aluminized Fabrics
Leveraging its roots as a silk manufacturer in the early 1900’s, Gentex pioneered the technology of combining metals with fabrics in the 1950’s for U.S. military researchers probing the upper atmosphere. Today, Gentex is the global leader in high-performance aluminized fabrics

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Industrial Heat Shielding


Gentex Dual Mirror aluminized fabric is the most efficient high temperature, radiant heat barrier available in either protective clothing or other shielding applications.
Radiant Heat Protection


Gentex Dual Mirror aluminized fabrics are the most efficient, durable, and flexible barrier material available to reflect radiant (IR) energy.
Molten Metal Splash Protection


Gentex Dual Mirror aluminized fabric has proven to be the world leader in protecting workers from the hazard of molten metal in the primary metals industries.
Proximity Firefighting


Gentex Dual Mirror aluminized fabric is the only fabric that meets the demanding requirements for outershells for the NFPA 1971 Proximity Firefighting protective clothing.
Specialty Product Directory


Gentex offers a full range of high quality fabrics featuring Gentex Dual Mirror aluminized fabrics.

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