About Us

“Heptagon has been well-known for its decade-worth of excellent craftmanship accumulated in designing specialized flexible thermal insulation covers dedicated to specific engineering requirements and industrial clients’ preferences.” – Dr. ZhiHong, Project Manager (Collaborative Engineering Industry Customer)

To keep up in tandem with the changing times, Heptagon from its humble beginnings as solely a fiberglass distributor, has evolved into a certified value-added manufacturer and supplier of various types of tested thermal insulation and safety materials catered towards supporting the Engineering Sectors, mostly within the Asia Regional Markets, that include but are not confined to the following:

1) Maritime Industries
2) Oil and Gas Industries
3) Petrochemical Industries
4) Plastic-Manufacturers
5) Pharmaceutical Industries
6) Food Packaging and Storage
7) Logistic Delivery Industries
8) Cold Preservation Facilities
9) Heat-Exchanger Manufacturers
10) Hot-Works (Welding)

At Heptagon, we supply high temperature resistant, flexible materials, mainly in the form of fiberglass (coated and uncoated), aramids, ceramics and silica textiles, tapes, ropes, sleevings and mats under the brand name, Heptaglas™, Heptatex™, Heptafab™, Heptasil™,  HeptaTherm™, Heptaguard™ etc.

Besides this, Heptagon sources materials from OEM manufacturers all over the world to cater to our customers’ requirements. With its long experience in such materials, Heptagon is able to provide a good fit between performance and price, for companies and individuals.  We do not believe in “one size or type fits all”  that any one country’s or type of  manufactured material is the best for the consumer. It is always better to look closely at the customers’ needs and provide the best solution and fit.

That is why Heptagon also stock and distributes materials for international companies like Gentex® Corporation, Morgan Advanced Materials and Microtherm®, etc. We think in many cases, our distributed materials are more suitable for certain applications and industries and we will recommend accordingly.

Heptagon believes strongly in testing and obtaining international approvals and standards for all the products we manufacture, as well as distribute. It is one thing to say that the product conforms or is manufactured to a certain standard, but it is really another to have it tested and approved to that standard.

90% of Heptagon manufactured products are tested and approved to at TUV-SUD-PSB (www.tuv-sud-psb.com) fire test standards. Moreover, we are under TUV-SUD PSB Certificate of Conformity program in which we need to subject our tested materials to random sample testing every year. Besides this, a number of our products have also Underwriters Laboratories (UL) www.ul.com testing and certification. Further testing and certification of our products will be pursued to ensure reliability and quality.

Heptagon also provides customised, engineered solutions for thermal insulation and heat management.  We fabricate bespoked flexible insulation covers, to fit engines, generators, turbine and exhaust manifolds, turbochargers and pipings, valves and flanges.  These covers help to control heat emissions and inprove the efficiency of such machinery.  Such covers provides a safety aspect in that they manage heat flow and prevent fires.

Using a variety of available materials, Heptagon is able to design and tailor make such covers to fit the customers’ requirements, or we can follow their designs and calculate the thermal conductivity values of their material combination and offer a thinner and lighter or more cost effective alternate solutions.

Please feel free to contact Heptagon for all your thermal insulation, welding protection and fire safety needs. We also appreciate your comments and feedback on the performance of our products. Tell us how Heptagon can provide great quality materials and Great Service to you!

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