A) Technical Textiles

These are textiles used for applications such as thermal insulation, welding and fire protection. They are made of various materials such as fiberglass, silica, ceramics, aramid and other incombustible or fire retardant materials. These can be specially coated with Silicone, PTFE, Acrylic, Vermiculite, Polyurethane and other proprietary materials to enhance its physical and temperature resistance properties. Typical uses for such textiles include removable insulation covers, welding curtains, fire blankets, radiant heat shields, chemical and fire barriers and safety clothing.

B) Ropes/ Tapes/ Sleeving
 DSC03958DSC03972 Made from the same material as in Technical Textiles. Almost all of these have a specialized coating to enhance its performance. Application range from pipe and boiler insulation, door seals (oven and furnace), electrical cable and insulation etc…
C) Aluminized Fabrics
 DSC04044 Heptagon is the exclusive distributor of Gentex Corporation’s range of Dual Mirror and Flexir Aluminized Fabrics. Gentex is the world leader in aluminized materials and these are used extensively in personal protective apparel, industrial, commercial and military applications. It is an ideal material to reflect radiant heat from high intensity heat sources.

The aluminized fabrics reflect up to 95% of infrared heat. Almost all our aluminized fabrics are certified to NFPA, ASTM and European Standards.

Comon Styles:
Fiberglass: Styles: 1025, 1014, 1016, 1018
Rayon: Styles: 1006, 1017, 1019
Aramids: Styles: 1054,1094, 1088
Preox: Styles: 1100-4, 1083, 1085, 1086

D) Ceramic Products
 G_FM BoardF_FM BlanketJ_Foil Faced Blanket  

Heptagon is the appointed distributor of Thermal Ceramics range of refractory products. Thermal Ceramics is a division of The Morgan Crucible Company from the United Kingdom. As their exclusive stockist, we have on inventory a wide range of their refractory ceramic products, carrying the brand name of: Kaowool, Cerawool, Superwool, Cerachrome, Blakite.

These products comes in ceramic wool form, blankets in various densities, boards, paper, fabrics and other refractory products like bricks, crucibles etc…

Their temperature classification ranges from 1,000 degree C to 1,425 degree C.

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E) Microposious – the High Performance Thermal Insulation

This is a high performance material that minimizes the transmission of heat up to 1,200 degrees C.

It uses fumed silica particles of 5 to 25 nanometres in diameter which gives a better thermal performance especially at high temperature compared to other conventional insulation products i.e. it is 3 to 4 times better in insulation performance as compared to other conventional materials at high temperature. Heptagon is the exclusive distributor of “Microtherm” products.

The product comes in the form of rigid panels, flexible panels, blocks mould parts etc…

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F) Fabricted Products

Simen Tank Flexi Cover
Siemen Tank Flexi Cover
Apart from the supply of high temperature material, Heptagon is also a specialized fabricator of flexible insulation covers and other specialized products. Our products can be made to suit customer requirements. These “Soft” insulation covers are removable and are made from coated glass fabrics, ceramics blanket, glass needle mat, knitted stainless steel wire mesh.Industries covered : Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Power Generation companies, Military, Marine and Offshore establishments and installations etc…
G) Safety Products
 DSC04102 Safety products are offered as part of a complimentary line to our core business of “High Temperature Insulation and Protection. Our Safety products are mostly heat related i.e. Proximity and Approach Suits, Fire Escape Xscape Suits / kits and Aluscape Ponchos, Heat Protective and Cut Resistance gloves, Flashstop 1300 Welding Screens and Heptafab Fire and Welding Blankets.