Welcome to Heptagon!

Heptagon is a manufacturer and supplier of flexible insulation and fire protection covers, and is dedicated towards offering engineered solutions for the marine, energy, petrochemical, oil and gas and defence industries.

Heptagon is the exclusive distributor and stockist for major brand products such as:

(a) Gentex Aluminized Fabrics,  Pureflo Respirators (for Asia Pacific region, except India & Japan)

(b) Armacell (Armaflex Elastomeric Foams, ArmaGel Aerogel Blankets, etc. )  

(c) Morgan Thermal Ceramics  (Firemaster, Superwool, Cerawool, Kaowool, Blakite, etc.)

(d) Promat Microtherm (Microporous Insulation Materials)  

Heptagon fabricates its own line of flexible insulation covers for engineering parts: (a) Valves; (b) Silencers; (c) Manifolds; and (d) Turbochargers.

We also make radiant heat shields, smoke and fire curtains, barriers and aluminized clothing for fire protection, hot metal splashes and safety.

In Essence, Our Vision is to Professionally Serve our Customers by Providing Tailored Thermal Engineering Solutions.